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Summer kimonoMotif:Empire State Building 2 Color:Red(#FF0000)

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This is an eye-catching Sanpogi Kimono with a design of 'Empire State Building', which was a picture on postcard of NY from around 1920.
The Empire State Building is one of the luxury hotels in Manhattan.

This pattern is based on the postcard's picture, which is from Collection of Dorothy Twining Globus.
It is just the pattern from the prime Art Deco period!

* Sanpogi Kimono has a distinctive Komon Kimono pattern with ryozuma(mirror image) design on right and left front panels, which are often seen on kimonos made before the WWII, and they were popular among girls and ladies from wealthy families. *

Style: Hitoe(unlined), Bachi-eri(folded collar), Machine sewn

Textile: CEOα (Polyester 100%, antistatic finish)

*You can pick a color of Hakkake 'lower lining' from the color chart in the photos.
When no color is mentioned, we will use the color number 9 to tailor.
Please let us know the color of Hakkake you prefer in memo section during checking out process.

*Product image for illustration purposes only. Depending on tailoring, layout of the pattern may slightly vary from the actual item.

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