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Kyo-fukuro obiMotif:Berber Rose Color:Red(#df2626)

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This is a Kyo Fukuro Obi with a motif on a vintage Kimono from collections of an artist Berber san.
'Just because I LOVE it', Berber san has shared this exotic shaped rose motif called 'Macintosh Rose'.

You may not have heard of a Scottish architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who was a propounder of 'art nouveau' design, but surely seen his rose design?
Lilac color rose named after him is also very famous too!

Rose is the most popular and loved motif on vintage Kimonos, and this Macintosh Rose is Berber san's most beloved pattern.

The pattern was on a very old Kimono fabric, but it revived wonderfully as an Obi!
The soft curves and details appeal so glamorously, don't you think???

This Kyo Fukuro Obi comes in many Berber san selected retro colors, and each color shows different taste.
Which color is your favorite?

Why not try and create your own Kimono style with this art nouveau taste obi selected by Berber san!

Width 31.5cm(12.4in) x Length 360cm (141.7in)

Textile: Polyester 100%(shioze touch)
Wrong side: beige:cotton 100% / black:tetrone 65% cotton 35%

Machine sewn

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