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Fabric width 35cmMotif:rabbit Color:Sky blue(#00bfff)

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This is Kimonotte Original Fabric with modern art deco and art nouveau pattern which was on a Vintage Kimono.
It can be used as an interior display or as a material for your handmade goods.
Why not make your original item with this special fabric!!

The fabric is sold by 50cm(19.6in) per unit.
The price listed is for one unit.

If you order 3 units, you will receive a long fabric of 150cm(59in).
If you order 5 units, you will receive a long fabric of 250cm(98.4in).

width: 34cm(13.3in) - 35cm(13.7in)
maximum length: 1300cm(14.2yards).
* If you need a longer length, please contact us.
* Length of one pattern is about 56cm(22in).

100% polyester

* Cut edges are unprocessed.

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