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Fabric width 105cmMotif:geometric Color:Gray(#808080)

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This is Kimonotte Original Fabric with modern art deco and art nouveau pattern which was on a Vintage Kimono.
It can be used as an interior display or as a material for your handmade goods.
Why not make your original item with this special fabric!!


If you order 3 units, you will receive a long fabric of 150cm(59in).

If you order 5 units, you will receive a long fabric of 250cm(98.4in).

width: 104cm(40.9in) - 105cm(41.3in))

maximum length: 1300cm(14.2yards).

* If you need a longer length, please contact us.

* Length of one pattern is about 18.6cm(7.3in).


100% polyester

* Cut edges are unprocessed.

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