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Girl's Vest for 3 y.o.Motif:fan & flowers V Color:Red(#df2626)

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We used a pattern of folding fan, 'botan'(peony), and 'Sakura'(cherry blossom) on a girl's vintage kimono and made this cute girl's vest.
Its cheerful design on the gentle gradation on softly padded vest is perfect on your child's special day!

Siljely textile is easily washed at home and can be worn not only on Shichigosan, but also on Sekku( annual ceremony ) or the New Years events!
It will also be very nice to take a photo in this adorable vest.

size: width approx. 43cm(16.9in) x full length approx. 51cm(20.1in)

Textile: Polyester 100% (Toray: Siljely, antistatic finish)
Tailor: Machine sewn

*One of the Hifu on the photos does not have decoration tassels, but the actual item has tassels as seen on other photos.

*Product image for illustration purposes only. Depending on tailoring, layout of the pattern may slightly vary from the actual item.

*Kimono is sold separately.

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